The advantages of module power supply and its working principle

The advantages of module power supply and its working principle

First,the advantages of the power module

1)Shorten the development cycle.The power supply circuit can be obtained by the module power supply with a small number of discrete components.

2)Users can also repeat stacking or cross-over stacking to form a modular power supply to achieve multi-channel output,greatly reducing the prototype development cycle.

3)Small size,can be well integrated with the product,reducing the volume of electronic products,making electronic products better adapt to the wide range of modern electronics.

4)The work is stable and the efficiency is higher.The module power supply uses better electronic components and more advanced circuit design than the switching power supply.It works more stably and safely,and at the same time effectively improves the conversion efficiency,and can effectively control the efficiency and temperature under the same power.

5)Through the fixed process such as glue filling,and the power module is directly combined with the PCB board,it can be more stable than the general switching power supply,achieving anti-vibration,dust-proof fog and the like.Effectively guarantee the supply of power.

6)Flexible change.If the product design needs to be changed,just convert or parallel another suitable module power supply.

7)Simple design.Module power supplies are typically equipped with standardized front ends,highly integrated power modules and other components,making power supply design simpler.

8)Reliability.The module power supply is fully automated,with mature technology and stable and reliable quality.

Second,the working principle of the power module

The power supply is an electronic product that supplies working current to the electronic device!The module power supply is a kind of switching power supply with higher integration and better efficiency,and is also called a power supply module.According to classification,it belongs to a kind of electronic components.Its working principle is the same as that of the switching power supply.It uses a power semiconductor device as a switching element to adjust the output voltage by periodically switching the switch to control the duty cycle of the switching element.At the same time,according to the needs of the application environment and electronic products,through some circuit design,but also responsible for transformer,isolation,filtering and other functions.In a word,the module power supply is a switching power supply with higher integration,better function and efficiency.

Although the module power supply is a kind of switching power supply,it has many advantages compared with the ordinary switching power supply.It is a power supply that can be directly inserted or mounted on a printed circuit board.It can be an application specific integrated circuit(ASIC),digital signal processor(DSP),microprocessor,memory,field programmable gate array.(FPGA)and other digital or analog loads provide power.