Analysis of heat dissipation technology in DCDC power module

Analysis of heat dissipation technology in DCDC power module.In order to ensure the stability of DCDC power supply module and extend the service life,the maximum temperature of the chip must not exceed 85°C[2].For every 10°C increase in operating temperature of the device,its failure rate is doubled[3].In order to ensure the safety of the normal operation of electronic equipment and the long-term reliability of the operation,the temperature of the electronic components is controlled in an appropriate and reliable manner so as not to exceed the maximum temperature of the stable operation request under the working environment conditions.

With the miniaturization and miniaturization of electronic components,the integration of integrated circuits and micro-assembly,the heat flux density of components and components has improved from time to time,and thermal design is facing a severe challenge[1].The quality of the power supply cooling structure directly affects whether the power system can work stably for a long time.Based on heat transfer theory and rogue mechanics,the detailed structure of electronic equipment is separated,and the design of reasonable and efficient heat dissipation installation is supplemented by advanced thermal analysis software simulation to invent a good working environment for electronic equipment to ensure heating components.And the power system works stably and reliably at the permissible temperature.