How to choose a isolated power module manufacturer

How to choose isolated power module manufacturer

Domestic production module power supply manufacturers are said to have thousands of them, there are hundreds of Nanjing, how can choose the power module manufacturers suitable for their own?

1. Suitable for the size of your own. Some foreign brands are really good quality, such as VICOR, INTERPOINT, etc., but the price is not acceptable to every user, and the delivery date is very long compared to the domestic brand. For some of the larger power supply module suppliers in China, this problem also exists. If the model you ordered is not the main shipping model, the delivery date is not guaranteed. If you propose to customize a special power supply, it is simply unimaginable for small and medium-sized customers. Because small and medium-sized enterprises, it is impossible to choose a supply platform like Huawei ZTE, and it is very important to choose a company that is suitable for its own scale. Companies like Pengtu Power Supply, which provide power solutions for SMEs and provide customized services.

2. Look at the product line. For example, if the module power supply can provide industrial products like half brick, 1/4 brick, 1/8 brick, 1/16 brick, if it can not be provided, the strength and scale of the company's research and development is not big. The ability to customize products, whether it can provide a wealth of customized products, such as railway, power, military customization experience is still very important.

3. Communicate with the company's FAE engineers to understand the company's implementation design standards and design processes. Reliability design standards such as company products, derating standards, electrical safety standards, EMC standards, etc. Module new product design is a very rigorous process, a company that promises you can deliver a new product in a week is definitely a non-rigorous company, design details are very important, such as small overshoot and drop when power is established, feedback The stability of the network under extreme conditions, such as Pengtu, these big companies have done very well, and few companies will pay attention to these design details.

4, look at the materials. Turn on a module power supply, look at it yourself, and use it more than others. From the materials used in the power supply products, it can be seen that the quality and positioning of the power supply manufacturer, such as power supply materials, such as capacitors, MOSFETs, diodes and other key materials, can determine this is the power quality. First-line manufacturers like DCDC module power supply, large-capacity MLCC capacitors are basically TDK, Murata, Taiyo, and other brands, such as VISHAY, KEMET, AVX, etc., MOSFETs are generally IR, VISHAY, ST, Renesas and so on. The two-pole selection is such as ONSEMI, ST, IR, Infineon and so on. One of the most important devices for power supply is the power supply standard. The general manufacturer chooses TL431. This device manufacturer is different, and the price difference is still very large. For example, TI's products are much more expensive than domestic or Taiwan, but TI is very advantageous in terms of reliability and temperature drift. TI's product line is very fine, divided into several grades according to accuracy and temperature, TL431AI, where A represents 1% accuracy and I represents temperature grade. For example, C stands for 0-70 degrees, I stands for -40-85, and there are Q-files, which are -40-125 products, not to mention small factories, some domestic big factories, with C products. The products of the I file are also used in a small number. If you open the product and see if it is TI's product, if the third letter on its TL431MARK is basically the temperature grade, such as TAI, TAC and the like. Pengtu power supply, all DCDC products, all use Class I TL431, AC / DC in addition to 3W, 5W, 10W, 15W plastic shell civilian grade products, all products are using I-level TL431. Also look at the wiring, the transformer and the inductor inside the product are not SMT, the flying line inside is like a spider, it is hard to imagine that this is from the hands of the big factory. WISPOWER.COM

5, look at the product certification, certification not only test the company's technology, but also the company's strength. Because the cost of certification is not low, and it is not regularly audited, so small companies basically do not have any certification. In all certifications, the basically adopted standards are basically the same, such as EN60950. However, the amount of gold in each certification body is different. Like 3C, TUV, etc., the ratio is easier and the cost is lower. Like UL certification is still very strict, the audit is also diligent and costly, so it is very important to see if a company has UL certification.