module power supply control of power supply cooling structure

module power supply control of power supply cooling structure.With the miniaturization and miniaturization of electronic components,the high integration of integrated circuits and the development of micro-assembly,the heat flux density of components and components is constantly increasing,and thermal design is facing severe challenges.The quality of the power supply cooling structure directly affects whether the power system can work stably for a long time.Based on heat transfer and fluid mechanics,combined with the specific structure of electronic equipment,design a reasonable and efficient heat sink,supplemented by advanced thermal analysis software simulation research,create a good working environment for electronic equipment,ensure heating components and The power system works reliably and reliably at the permissible temperatures.

High,low temperatures and their cycling can have a serious impact on most electronic components.It can cause the failure of electronic components,which in turn causes the failure of the power supply.The emergence of multi-chip modules(MCM)and high-density three-dimensional assembly technology has made the heat flow density of electronic devices increasingly higher.The scientific and rational design of electronic equipment to meet its thermal performance is critical in the design of modular power supplies.The heat pipe has an efficient heat transfer capability,and is equipped with reasonable heat dissipation fins,which will improve the heat dissipation effect of the heat sink.Temperature is one of the important factors affecting the reliability of DC/DC power supply circuits.