What are the advantages of high power supply module power parallel current sharing technology

What are the advantages of high power supply module power parallel current sharing technology?Nowadays,high-power module power supplies have been widely used in the power communication industry.In recent years,high-power module power supply parallel current sharing technology has become the mainstream application trend.Compared with the traditional high-power power supply centralized power supply mode,high-power module power supplies are used in parallel.What are the advantages of the power supply design method?

The design and application of distributed power systems have become the key development direction of high-power power systems.The power supply design of high-power module power supplies in parallel and parallel has more prominent advantages,and the flexibility of the system is higher,which in turn increases the power density of the modules.Reduce the volume and weight of the power system.At the same time,the electrical stress of the power semiconductor device of each module power module is reduced,the reliability of the system is improved,and the distribution system can conveniently implement redundancy.In addition,this parallel current sharing mode also fundamentally reduces the variety of products and facilitates the implementation of standardized specifications.

In addition,the high-power power supply is set in parallel current sharing mode,and can maintain a certain redundancy.Assuming that 3+2 converter modules are connected in parallel,three of them are used to supply the current required by the load,then the remaining two high-power power supplies are redundant modules.The advantage of using this mode is that when the working module fails,the backup module is put into operation,so that even if there are n simultaneous failures of the working module,the power supply system can guarantee 100%load current.In addition to adding redundant power to the system,this parallel current sharing technology can also achieve heat exchange,that is,to replace the failure module of the system while ensuring uninterrupted power supply of the system.The requirements of the power supply system are mainly reflected in two aspects:one is high reliability,and the other is high power,both of which are closely related to the parallel operation control of the module power supply.There are three main benefits to the parallel operation of the module power supply:

1,can be used to flexibly expand the capacity of the module power system;

2.Parallel redundant systems can be formed to improve the reliability of operation;

3,the module can be easily hot swapped for replacement or repair.

Based on the above points,the application of high-power module power parallel current sharing technology in power communication systems is becoming more and more important.In the process of parallel setting of high-power power supplies,there is still a problem that needs to be considered by engineers.Current sharing measures are needed to ensure uniform distribution of electrical and thermal stresses between modules,preventing one or more units from operating at current limit conditions.