Which is better for the switching power supply module brand? Nanjing Pengtu power quality is high

Which is better for the switching power supply module brand? Nanjing Pengtu power quality is high.With the development of the technology era,module power supplies are increasingly favored by the market,and have been widely used in the fields of power,communication,and security.Now more and more companies have seen the prospects of module power supply,have joined in,hope to get a share,then the power module brand which is better?Choose Nanjing Peng map,you are choosing a high quality power supply.

The power module has high reliability,high conversion efficiency,stable and durable characteristics,can be applied to various harsh working environments,and is easy to use and easy to maintain.It is also remarkable because of its small size,excellent performance and convenient use.Features,can be widely used in power,industrial control,instrumentation,medical electronics,rail transit,communications and communications,security,military systems and other fields.

The key components of the DC-DC and AC-DC power modules produced by the company use internationally renowned brands of electronic components and high flame retardant materials.Adopting advanced automatic production equipment and technology,and passing ISO9001-2008 quality system certification,the product consistency is good and the straight-through rate is high.The company has international advanced testing equipment,all products pass the initial test and final test twice 100%automatic test,thus ensuring the high reliability of"PT"power products.

There are a lot of power module manufacturers on the market,which may dazzle you,don't know how to choose.If you are wondering which brand of power module is good?I suggest you choose Nanjing Pengtu,provide 3-2000W power module products,adopt air-cooled series.The power range of the switching power supply covers 5-10KW and 15-480W rail-type switching power supply modules.It is dedicated to providing professional products and services in power supply.It has more than 100 series and thousands of mature and stable products to choose from.