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Electric power is transported on wires either as a direct current (DC) flowing in one direction at a non-oscillating constant voltage, or as an alternating current (AC) flowing backwards and forwards due to an oscillating voltage. AC is the dominant method of transporting power because it offers several advantages over DC, including lower distribution costs and simple way of converting between voltage levels thanks to the invention of the transformer. AC power that is sent at high voltage over long distances and then converted down to a lower voltage is a more efficient and safer source of power in homes. Depending on the location, high voltage can range from 4kV (kilo-volts) up to 765kV. As a reminder, AC mains in homes range from 110V to 250V, depending on which part of the world you live it. In the U.S., the typical AC main line is 120V. We have AC DC Converter products for sale. 

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